Top 5 GPS navigation software for Windows Phone

If you prefer to travel by car or commute daily, you need a good navigation application for your Windows Phone. Some will just find the shortest route to a particular destination, while others will be aware of road hazards or events that occur on this route. Some users have no problem with mobile data use, while others require an application with useful information when traveling to another country or enters an area without mobile coverage.


I searched some of the best navigation software for Windows Phone and we are ready to share with you in this article:

MapFactor is one of those GPS apps for Android, free internet, which is nothing but a soft navigation. It is updated frequently has maps for Romania, but the possibility exists that their accuracy is not always 100%.

However, it is one of the highly popular Android apps for GPS, has over 600,000 downloads from the Google Store and is compatible for both phone and tablet.

The disadvantage is that updates are free only for a month after that, if you do not pay, you will not have the latest change related meanings on certain streets or other such details that can be quite important when you are in a city completely new.

The free version of the app for iPhone Commander Compass is a must-have for any avid hikers. Commander Compass Lite is a practical compass and a GPS navigator with some smart functions: gyrocompass, maps, phone tracker, altimeter, speedometer calibration after the sun, moon or stars, and coordinate converter.

Although it is free in Google Play, Compass Pro is also one of the most powerful navigation software. Like a compass is made for professionals. You can turn the dial and you can use azimuth, but you can also display the exact position on the globe. As you correctly oriented, just first place the phone on a flat surface to orient the edge of the dial to the desired direction. Then you should try to keep your grades on the screen. If change means that go in the wrong direction. Compass Pro is the only downside of the steep learning curve. But if you know how to use a compass for orientation, it is the perfect application.

Copilot is an application LIVE: Receive real-time traffic information, information on weather, fuel price information.

The application costs some bucks, but worth it. Or be installed in other ways, people write to gps-zone. Google and Wikipedia are integrated, so you have a base of almost unlimited points of interest. Connect the smartphone to the Internet via 3G or Wi-fi, search Wikipedia or Google a restaurant, a museum etc and you get navigation directions to that place.

The application is also synchronized with Facebook, so you can easily navigate to the location to a friend. For this reason, and not only Copilot Live is one of the best GPS apps for android.

Routing is very good, the routes are intuitive and the application takes into account all data traffic, but there are some weaknesses:

– Copilot Live consuming smartphone battery faster and is less difficult to set a personal way.

– Requires Internet connection 3G to benefit from the strengths of the application.


Pixel X and pixel XL Google Phones and Pokemon Go

Finally it was officially launched Google Pixel, the new smartphone this year. It’s a relatively compact pilot not really lose anything in terms of technical or aesthetic. Here is the video presentation of the recently published official Google.


Pixel Google has been produced in collaboration with HTC. Metal casing and the usual build quality for which the Taiwanese manufacturer has become famous over the years. Feature is the rear glass, which occupies almost the entire upper half and incorporate fingerprint scanner and camera photographed.


Google Pixel is relatively compact 5-inch display offers virtually the same technical specifications Pixel XL – except for battery size and resolution display.

Exist, everything you could ask for in a top of the range phone by the end of 2016:


  • AMOLED screen, 5-inch FHD
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • CPU quad-core 64-bit
  • Adreno 530 GPU @ 650 MHz
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 32 or 128 GB of internal memory
  • 12 MP main camera with Sony Exmor IMX378 BSI, laser autofocus and LED flash
  • 8 MP front camera
  • 2770 mAh with charging chromatography
  • fingerprint scanner on the back, nano SIM


Particular attention was given during the presentation camera, an improved version of the previous generation. Google also indicated that room is the best Pixel camera mounted on a smartphone, and received a score of 89 out of 100 points for the first time in history.

Focal aperture is f / 2.0, and there is a new video stabilization software. The system collects data from the gyro up to 200 times per second in order to achieve maximum stability. HDR + is a system that allows multiple photos in quick succession and combined with the best quality.

Also of note is that Pixel Google offers unlimited storage on Google Photos original resolution – for photographs and video clips at any resolution.

The reason for this transition is currently not very obvious, but apparently still will be about the same HTC smartphones whose configuration has been subject of much speculation in recent months. Thus, in the coming months we will be able to purchase a Pixel Google and Google Pixel XL, noting that the first will have a 5-inch diagonal, while the second will be limited to 5.5 inches. Conference regarding the launch date already confirmed by several sources is October 4th. Codenamed Sailfish – Marlin and 5 inches – 5.5 inches, mobile seems that, except diagonally, will have similar hardware configurations. The spotlight will be 4GB RAM, a Snapdragon 820 or 821 processor from Qualcomm and two rooms, one of which will be 12 megapixels.

In the same event, we learn about a new Chromecast. Plus or Ultra Chromecast entitled Chromecast, his biggest advantage will be the ability to download and play content without wires 4K video from a smartphone or tablet with Android. A new VR headset Daydream might also be announced at the same event. And US efforts for a smart home company – Google Home, could get a few minutes, but about that advertisement does not know too many features.


The popularity of Pokemon Go even when there are various programs that help to advance very quickly pokemon go location hack helps to catch as many Pokemon. is revolutionary in many ways, above all, demonstrating the ability of a developer to simply reinvent mobile gaming. Not the other, but the title is built almost entirely around the concept of augmented reality, a technology that, although it is not new, certainly has not been used in a game of this scale. It remains to see how it will develop when the title will be played by gamers from every corner of the globe, but the prospects are very optimistic.

Everything About Airplanes

By 1680, after studying long flight of birds, physiologist and Italian physicist Giovanni Borelli concluded that man can not fly under its own power. Therefore, many thought then after sensational invention of Montgolfier brothers, the solution is the human flight machines lighter than air.


But when did the idea of replacing muscle strength by a car appeared supporters of flying machines heavier than air. The most important representative of this orientation was an English with a remarkable vision, George Cayley. In the book On the Air Navigation he stated the principle of operation of the airplane bearing surface supports a weight bearing down air resistance through a driving force) and I described the main components, including the propeller.

More information about communication between pilots and control tower on the site you can find

In 1804 he built a model, and since 1809 more gliders, but I had available an engine light enough. Despite its remarkable innovations, Cayley was unable to progress because of the technology times in which he lived. Widely used in the 1800s steam engine revolutionized the design of ships and made possible the emergence of railways, ships and locomotives not only had to get up in the air.


Steam engines were massive and heavy, too heavy for the power produced, and required considerable quantities of wood or charcoal for food and water to produce steam. However, Cayley’s glider models have not gone unnoticed. Many have studied and copied her achievements and gliders are still used today, registering haul and impressive times. Cayley’s research was continued by his admirer, William Henson. His associate, engineer John Stringfellow, built on a small scale, “car air with steam”, which in 1848 performed the descent in gliding flight engine weight not allowing it, unfortunately, gain altitude, but only extend slipping.

The first important scientific contribution to the development of gliders and belonged to the German engineer Otto Lilienthal. He has long studied the flight of birds, and recorded the results of observations in “Flight of birds as the basis of aviation”. Lilienthal built and piloted gliders in numerous different experiments and incorporated into the design of his plane a small gasoline engine. He had already carried out numerous flights when, in 1896, was fatally injured falling from 15 meters height. In the same period, the Englishman Hiram Stevens Maxim American home built in 1894, a biplane driven by steam power.


The plane had two engines and two propellers and managed to get off the ground. Despite promising debut, Maxim dropped inexplicably to continue work on this project. In 1900, the number of experiments done by the predecessors was large enough to allow a methodical and persevering inventor to fly a mechanically propelled device and having a person on board. This was achieved by the Wright brothers. Orville and Wilbur Wright, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio (USA) unequivocally recognized by historians with the invention of the first functional airplane aeronautics. True, the Wright brothers had not received a complete education, initially trying to embrace a career of editors and publishers of a newspaper, and then dealing with the repair bicycles. But as soon as they became interested in flying birds, in 1899, they began to study aviation in the most serious way, standing out as true experimental researchers.

Wright brothers developed a device characterized by stability wings, they have elongated, diminishing their curvature and by providing them with an order that allowed their deformation (until then, when the glider tilt to one side, the pilot who recover his body leaning to the opposite side to avoid collapse, deformation, wingtip rises to the device that bends and down the other side, which produces reverse tilt movement).

Once built a stable unit, the Wright brothers were busy propulsion, achieving a combustion engine, lightweight 83 kg and 13 hp they needed. The first attempt at takeoff was a failure due to a pilot error committed by Wilbur (he had won the right to fly on the first attempt, giving a coin). A second attempt Orville’s allowed him to carry out a “flight” 12 seconds a distance of 36 meters. On the same day – December 17, 1903 – he managed to keep the device in the air for 59 seconds and a distance of 260 meters.

Purple is the new black

Cloud 9 action takes place over snow-capped mountains in the world full of adrenaline snowboarding competitive. Movie Disney Channel original “Cloud 9” tells the story of two snowboarders who must self-overcome to realize their dreams . Kayla Morgan is a snowboarder who was ditched by his team and Will Cloud is a former snowboard champion who struggles to succeed after his career ended.


Determined to make performance snowboard, Kayla Will discovers an unexpected and realize that a mentor can help you evolve. Will reluctantly accepts Kayla’s plan to a train and a test to see if he really likes sports. How the two approaches, Will realizes that Champion can earn status and that nothing is impossible.

Dove Cameron is the most important actor of this film that respects its fans through these outputs and gave an interview. Can be used Dove Cameron Phone Number to discuss various issues of personal life.


Look at the questions that are put celebrities are here:

From blond to purple is a huge change! How did you react when you first saw in the mirror?

I always wanted a dark shade for my hair! Before doing acting, always enter the supermarket and I buy all sorts of colorful paint that I apply them alone while mom was shocked every time: “How could you make for yourself ?!. And I reply: I’m doing what I want! Laughs. So I dyed my hair in all colors. Ye shall not do this!

But I always wanted to have a darker hair color and that are actress helps me go through all kinds of changes the look. And change we made for her role in “Descendants” was huge. When we began shooting in the early days, my character, Mal, his hair was very long, with big blucle. Then, he thought Mal should be a little tougher, so I shortened the length of the hair, then I gave up the perfect curls … And came out perfect!

What is the favorite Disney movie and, especially, what Disney character marked you most?

When I was little, I think I saw at least a thousand times the “Little Mermaid” and that because he had a very colorful hair! In addition, I was fascinated by the concept of the film to merge two totally different worlds. Once you’ve grown up – my favorite movie is “Frozen / Ice Kingdom”, which I saw at least six times.


– What was your biggest complex in adolescence?

For me, high school is not that where I remember with pleasure. On the contrary! I did not like it at all in high school because I was a victim of bullying’s (n.r. an act repeated behavioral, physical or mental injury toward a person who meets especially in schools among students). It was a time where I felt unsafe, I was slightly complexed with the way I looked, so I was wearing false eyelashes every day. I was so obsessed with them that I was telling those around that are fake!

HTC, LG or Samsung Galaxy S7?

HTC, LG or Samsung Galaxy S7?


What phone worth buying in 2016? 10 new HTC, LG or Samsung Galaxy S7 ? Opinions good and bad have all three flagship sites. All are excellent hardware section but fail to convince the chapter design, deja vu feeling of being present in all three cases.

Once you’ve seen it all, Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to be the most convincing candidate for the title of main rival for the iPhone 6s and even the future of iPhone in July.

It is the only phone of the three raiser chapter look, even if like Galaxy S6.

Samsung-galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7-s7-gadgetreportNoul smartphone is packed into the same glass sandwich that I criticized last year. Yes, it looks premium, is spectacular, but extremely fragile. Would you, under any circumstances, to escape your hand.

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a superior hardware, the latest generation. Octa-core Exynos processor 8890, 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage expandable via microSD.

Undoubtedly, these issues matter, however, for a user unpretentious figures say nothing, the user experience is what counts.

In this chapter, as expected, Samsung Galaxy S7 perform well. You have nothing to reproach him. Android’s six well highlighted, apps load instantly, everything moves smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes from the start with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. That means the best ecosystem developed by Google. You do not have so many unsolicited applications, icons are large, the user experience is flawless.


Samsung Galaxy S7 galaxy-s7Cea most important feature that caught our attention was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Always on site, ie presence in the display the time, date, calendar and other notifications. Phone, these information assets, even showing particular, differing from those phones. LG G5 also has an Always On, but is more rudimentary.
Compared to the Galaxy S6, S7 enables new Samsung Galaxy storage expansion and is resistant to water and dust. In addition, no longer as hot as previous generations, offering a Samsung CPU cooling solution that really works great.

And there is one aspect that highlights Samsung him. This phone works excellently with Gear VR, virtual reality room package offered to those who want to buy it.

For those who like such experiences, compatibility is maximized. S6 Edge, squeaky little. Samsung to enter the Beta Internet and see clips on Youtube in VR can be an interesting experience.


Chapter cameras, we have one dual-pixel, 12 MP, with f / 1.7 size sensor 26mm, and pixel 1.4 microns, phase detection, OIS, LED flash, face detection and smile detection, HDR, panorama. The secondary camera is 5 megapixel f / 1.7, 22mm size sensor.

We tested in the toughest conditions, the club where the sensors are subjected to the effects of light. Some pictures came out well, others not.

Film Samsung Galaxy S7 filming excellent video proof below. But the more shots misfire, sometimes. That means that fails to include images accurately closed.

No iPhone 6s do not do this, so, overall, cameras performs optimally, but significant difference from sensors on the Galaxy S6 have not noticed it as highly relevant.

Overall, the photos look Galaxy s7good, perhaps best captured by a high-end phone.

What we liked, and we see that it worked on this aspect is autofocus. It is definitely much faster than the previous generation. The phone is able to capture an optimal matter how much I ask. That daytime, because the night as any phone, give occasionally misfire and should focus manually.

Chapter camera software, Samsung has understood that simplicity is essential. S7 comes, indeed, with many shooting mode, but it matters that the car moves excellent. How many of you stayed to photograph the Pro modes, Selective Focus, Panorama, Video collage, Live broadcast, Slow motion, Virtual Shot, Food, Hyperlapse?

Returning to video mode, 4K is undoubtedly a fad. Why this? Because only 1 minute registration means 340 MB. Just think that you’ll want to upload such a youtube video or Facebook etc. Lost time, nerves, etc. That especially if you do not have an internet connection performance.
Otherwise, excellent shooting in Full HD phone and we believe that is enough for an optimal experience. With such a phone, wherever you are in the club or on holiday, you will not feel the need one camera.

Why do not we liked about S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is undoubtedly an addition to the Galaxy S6. Bring a few things that matter, but if not so important as we wanted.

Beyond the question marks of design and performance cameras, Samsung Galaxy S7 has a problem that Samsung has not solved it – speaker. When did we see two stereo speakers on the Galaxy series? And when Samsung will understand that placing the speaker in the bottom of the phone, most times you fly with your hand so that audition is affected.

Another problem is the headset “ergonomic”. In our experience, their form is not exactly ideal for placing them in the ears can be annoying. In addition, if any of headphones the sound quality is not the same as the headphones on 0cea Note 4 or Galaxy S5.

If you have an S6 or a Note 4 or 5, you do upgrade to the new smartphone may just be a novelty option, not necessarily the user experience.

But if you have an older phone, the difference would be significant. Compared to the S5, S7 Samsung Galaxy is much higher. Like the iPhones, with its S versions, the South Koreans have added something extra, but not so much as to make a radical difference.